Boston, MA, USA
April 27 - 28, 2024

Accepted Posters

  • An Improved Computational Approach for Detecting Partial Gene Transfer
  • Enhancing Functional Annotation and Classification of Toxins with VenOmiCS4BD
  • Identifying Rapidly Evolving Genes in Coral Species to Better Understand Coral Bleaching
  • The Role of Epigenetic Regulation in the Evolution of Duplicate Genes
  • DCJ-indel Genome Evolution Beyond Parsimony
  • Perfect Transfer Networks under the Dollo Parsimony Model
  • Unraveling the DNA Methylation Landscape Associated with Gene Copy Number Variations
  • Integrative Variable Selection Method for Subgroup Analyses in Type 1 Diabetes Longitudinal Genomics Data
  • Leveraging Single Cell Strategy for Detecting Heterogeneity in Immune Response for Type 1 Diabetes Risk and Clinical Trial Responder Status
  • Dissecting the Regulatory Landscapes: A Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis of TPMVd and PSTVd Infections
  • Transformer-Based Refinement of Pseudoknot Predictions in RNA Secondary Structures
  • Prophage Identification using Genomic Language Models

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